Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taboo Tuesday: The 'Weighting' Game

Imagine hearing someone say (or type), “Yeah, you could use a few less tacos.” Rude right? It’s the kind of comment that would get the extreme side-eye and maybe even a reprimand or a butt-whoopin’. Well, apparently the opposite is not the case. Meaning a comment like,“You could use a cupcake or two” or “Yeah you can afford to eat another plate” isn’t considered rude. In fact, you can attach a winky face or ‘LOL’ on the end and it is as good as comedy.


I’m a petite woman. Like Zoë Saldana / Kerry Washington petite. But have you noticed?Those ladies are fierce, fabulous, beautiful women of color. I’m also a Modern dancer so I stay in shape like Columbiana as opposed to looking skeletal like Ghost Rider. I, like most women, don’t like talking about weight and pant sizes but other women seem to feel very inclined to talk about or point out my weight but expect for their weight to not be brought up. “What are you, a size -2?” “I haven’t been your size since I was 5…if then!” Well, square that number and you’ll probably have your current pant size. This is the type of response I’d often like to give, but then I’d get looks like I just did a Linda Blair head spin. Instead I give a ‘no’ or silent response to off-the-wall weight hypotheses and a side-eye to other unrequested comments. You see, the main women who feel the need to comment on my weight have been middle-aged women who often look like they curse the gym and, oh yeah, don’t know me! People who know me may call me something like ‘Little Bit’ or chuckle that I’m “no bigger than a minute,” but I know them, they know me, and I don’t get the sense of resentment or ugliness in their comment. So here’s a thought, strange women who feel the need to address my size and/or weight, you watch your weight, and I’ll watch mine. K? Thanks.