Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'True Grits'

Quaker has really been stepping its breakfast and snack game up with new breakfast bars, cookies, grits and Oatmeal...Express! Recently I saw a commercial for the new Quaker soft baked cookie and it was pretty funny. In the commercial one lady is holding up the cookie reveling in its yumminess while her neighbor takes a bite out of it over the hedges. Though her neighbor is shocked, "Miss My Germs" denies the transgression and takes another bite.

The cookies themselves look yummy, and I imagine warmed up they're delicious. However, don't hold me to that too firmly because today I tried a Quaker Stila Oat Bar and was pretty disappointed. The bar tasted like a bland piece of toast with strawberry jelly on it. Well, I got the box for free so if I'm in dire need of a snack, I'll probably have another.