Sunday, March 25, 2012

Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal

Sometimes I forget that Oprah "retired" or whatever when I flip by her network and see other shows she's hosting. However, one show on the network that has me constantly tuning in is Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal. I typically have little to no respect to those who commit adultery and cheat, fully aware that they are hurting someone else and tearing a relationship(s) apart. Although I haven't been married yet, I have been in relationship situations with cheating and betrayal and it never ceases to disturb me the lengths people go to cheat.

In one episode, David, a minister, and Laura had been married for 10 years with two kids. David goes on a mission to India and begins a relationship with Samantha, a married woman with her own family. David stopped calling home during the trip. He genuinely had no interest in talking to them. Before returning to America David wanted to progress in the relationship with Samantha but she wanted to return to her family and end contact. Upon arriving back home, David told Laura he was done with the ministry and their marriage; she was crushed. Soon Samantha called David and wanted to renew their contact. They consummated their affair, moved into an apartment together, proposed to each other with David giving her a $6,000 ring, and David proceeding forward with a divorce from Laura. Laura lost a dramatic amount of weight and needed medicine to sleep, but she got up and pushed through everyday for her children's well-being; David had removed himself from their lives. After a week or so, Samantha abruptly broke off the affair with a letter, a return of the ring and return to her husband and children. David began to lament and become angry that he gave up his marriage, family and ministry for an affair with a woman who turned around and betrayed him the way he betrayed his family. He spiraled into depression and contemplated suicide with sleeping pills. Despite the way he treated her, and not having feelings for David any longer, Laura respected David as the father of her children and felt bad for what he was going through. David apologized to Laura and pursued her again. After 2 months of therapy Laura invited him back home. She forgave him, loved him and believed in second chances.

After seeing numerous episodes of this show, this case upset me the most. It demonstrated that people are just people and it doesn't matter what kind of title they may have in front of their name when it comes to the choices they make. All of David's actions were his own and they were selfish, mean and weak. However, I truly respected Laura and her desire to be there for her children and not let her pain and the betrayal harden her heart. Her decisions were also based on what was in the best interest for her family.