Monday, May 21, 2012

Sookie Stackhouse Novels

UPDATE 5/20: So I recently finished the latest novel, Deadlocked, in The Southern Vampire Mysteries and it was wonderful! You can read that post here. Below is an updated order of the novels with the addition of Deadlocked. The different short stories of A Touch of Dead fall in between the first few novels, so I placed it after the last novel where a story appears, chronologically. Enjoy!


Dead Until Dark (2001); Living Dead in Dallas (2002); Club Dead (2003); Dead to the World (2004); Dead as a Doornail (2005); Definitely Dead (2006); All Together Dead (2007); From Dead to Worse (2008); Dead and Gone (2009); [A Touch of Dead (2009)]; Dead in the Family (2010); Dead Reckoning (2011); Deadlocked (2012); Dead Ever After (2013); After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse Coda (2013)

If you know me, or read this blog then you'll know that I love to read and write. One of my favorite authors is Charlaine Harris. You may know her as the best selling author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries (also known as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels). The novels have gone on to be chronologically adapted into the award winning HBO series True Blood. Each season of the show is based on a book and the show will be returning this year on season five based on Dead as a Doornail.

After the first season of the show my parents got me the first book in the series, Dead Until Dark, for Christmas and that quickly spawned the addiction which has now taken me through all eleven books in the series. The twelfth book, Deadlocked, comes out May of this year and the only thing keeping me hinged on sanity and not losing my marbles in anticipation is re-reading the series. Harris' other books outside of The Southern Vampire Mysteries are also wonderful, but I've grown attached to heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, her adventures, and the unique cast of characters that have graced the pages. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when the thirteenth and final book comes out in 2013. I think I may go crazy hanging on the ellipsis of, "...Sooo, what do I do now?" I hope Ms. Harris understands my fear and likely potential of going into a catatonic state when this series ends.

UPDATE!! Sooo, I'm almost ashamed to admit that it took me this long to get The Sookie Stackhouse Companion but I just bought it today and am psyched to read it! Especially, "Small-Town Wedding" which has a surprise cameo by my favorite SVM character, Quinn!! More on him to come in a later post. ;)