Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love Hurts

Apparently, a 'war of words' is cliché these days and people would prefer to throw chemicals on one another. In Maryland, bleach and Pine Sol were thrown between feuding patrons of a Walmart. The store was evacuated and shut down for cleanup for two hours and nineteen unknowing shoppers were sent to the hospital for fume and eye damage.

Most of the time I'm just trying to get in and out of Walmart with the speed of lightning (because, let's be honest, the prices can be pretty awesome) but the people can sometimes be quite...colorful. The number of Snuggies, Crocs and Winnie the Pooh belly shirts I've seen strolling through the store is enough to make me mumble "Hakuna Matata" backwards so no one interferes with my snack food mission. Not to mention the amount of perfume and record contracts sold out of the trunk of people's cars. Apparently, I could have been the next Beyonce when all I really wanted was some Goldfish, fruit cups and Oreos.

Side-note: I may in fact be one of the...colorful people you see in the store. Hmmm.

But this bleach throwing assault was a whole new level of disturbing. Incidents like these are truly scary when you think that children or babies could have been in the vicinity. I regret that innocent bystanders became victims to the feud of strangers and I hope no one sustained severe injuries. I'm guessing the Walmart smiley face is looking more like a frown these days, and that "live better" part of the slogan is sounding a little suspect.