Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smoker (Un)Friendly

The composition of this post is necessary for several reasons, but I will cut to the chase. I've never understood making the conscious choice to take on a habit that is slowly eating away the inner and outer workings of one's body. My major gripe comes with smoking in the workplace. Typically, there are designated breaks for employees. However, for smokers, it seems to be reversed; designated times to work. If you take the amount of time one spends out smoking throughout one eight hour work day, it would probably be more than the designated break times totaled over the course of one week. So are those that do not have an unhealthy habit expected to work more with less down time? I find that very unfair. I have a healthy addiction to M&Ms. Can I please have 10 minutes five times a day to go out and munch? Yeah, I didn't think so.