Monday, July 5, 2010


Since I was just a young one, I have had an incredible fascination with X-Men. I grew up reading the comic books. From Giant-Size X-Men, to The New Mutants, to the solo Wolverine series. There are few people I know who are not aware, or fans of the Uncanny X-Men. If not, I have absolutely no qualms with giving them a crash course.

As for the cartoon, I was there every Saturday morning for its 1992-1997 run, and every subsequent morning when it went into syndication. I also have the signature theme song on my Mp3 player. It hypes me up no matter what. (Yes, it is that serious :) I think you're getting the picture.

One of my favorite characters has always been the kinetic, card-throwing Gambit (Remy LeBeau). That Cajun superhero always has me glued to the screen or page. You can imagine my utter excitement at the news that Gambit was going to be a main character in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Boy was I disappointed. Not only was the actor portraying Gambit some pretty boy cover model, juxtapose to Gambit's rugged, bad-boy charisma, but he possessed as much of a Cajun accent as I do Scottish. My biggest gripe with the accent comes with knowing that many dedicated actors will do whatever to bring life to a well-known character on the screen. Case in point: On the hit HBO show, "True Blood" the character Rene Lenier, played by Michael Raymond-James, takes on a Cajun persona. Though the character was only written to play on one season, Raymond-James hired his own dialect coach for the role. Now that's dedication. I was both hoping and expecting more for Gambit's first big screen appearance. I guess I can only be somewhat surprised. The previous X-Men movies could have also been better, storyline wise.