Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beyond Thunderdome...Beyond Mental Stability

Even if you have not actually heard the audio of Mel Gibson's rants, I'm sure everyone has at least heard about their existence. Recently, I listened to some of the audio on YouTube. Sheesh! I'm sure I haven't heard all of the rant(s). I listened to a combined total of approximately 10 minutes. Honestly, there's only so much a person can take. There were points where Gibson was breathing so hard for extended periods of time that I thought that either: A. his ears were about to release steam and his head was mere seconds from popping off B. he was beginning his transformation into the Hulk. I cannot with all sincerity say that I never saw the crazy in him. Have you seen his 2006 mug shot for drunk driving? He looks "psychodelic" for sure.

Between Oksana's calm disposition, and the slew of derogatory racist and sexist comments and threats Gibson was dishing out so emphatically, the audio felt quite odd; almost staged. Who knows? Where's Danny Glover when you need him? Remember the old days of "buddy-cop" 'Lethal Weapon' films when Gibson was only playing a dysfunctional individual? But his friendship with Glover's character brought him out of his odd behavior. "Will me Riggs!" (LW 4) What happened?!

This just demonstrates that actors are people just like any other; flawed, awkward, and sometimes even a little deranged. A script is only a script, and not a true reflection of who the actor/actress is. Oh, but if they were, Mad Max would be a hero to many. Hmmm. On second thought. *Insert Tina Turner's "We Don't Need Another Hero" here.*