Thursday, July 4, 2013

True Blood 6.4 "At Last"

SPOILERS  (if you don't keep up with YouTube...)

After a conversation with a co-worker on his choice to give up on True Blood this season, I have decided not to watch episode 6.4 and possibly the next five episodes. Last season I returned for the season finale since that's when plot mysteries are revealed. After watching four clips for the upcoming episode "At Last" I already have a pretty good idea of what this episode will entail. It's not looking good.

1. Ben apparently gives Jason some of his blood in order to help him heal from all of his head injuries. Jason then proceeds to have a dream, with the sultry sounds of Miguel playing in the background, of Ben shaving his face and vice versa. When he nicks Ben's face, Ben invites him to drink the blood. Jason abruptly wakes up clutching the sheets in confusion and anxiety à la Sam's homoerotic dream, after consuming Bill's blood, from the premiere of season 3.

2. Sookie taps into her inner floozy, for reasons I couldn't care less about; a departure from her usual put together, sweet appearance and character.

3. Eric appears to warm up to the boring, unappealing Willa in what appears to be a new "love" story for the brooding and hunky Viking vamp. Not feeling it...or her.

4. Andy's four fairy daughters have aged into half-dressed teenagers, a plot point I'm guessing writers  went with in an effort for viewers to not be disturbed by Bill and Jessica hurting/draining/killing little girls.

Additional predictions for the episode: 

The werewolves will be running around like D-bags ignoring Alcide.

Lafayette will probably only be in it for 3 minutes reiterating to Sam how he didn't need to get tangled up in Nicole's affairs.

Dear True Blood writers, 

Look hookahs, y'all need to get ya act together and stop playing like Lafayette isn't one of the best things y'all got going for True Blood. 

The end.

Will you be tuning in this Sunday? How do you feel about season 6 thus far?