Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Red Flag on the Play!"

Why is it that in relationships we put blinders on to the red flags of partners or potential partners' actions, but in a game of football red flags are almost sought after like a golden chalice? NFL teams will almost go to war over red flags because it is a direct challenge to the official of the situation (game). Red flags are thrown by coaches during critical times in a game. Red flags in relationships are to alert someone that the character and or intentions of a partner may not be trustworthy or in line with what s/he needs. As humans, we often overlook red flags because we hope the action or flaw was just a momentary setback, or we know that the problem is larger and may result in confrontation. Leaving a red flag type of relationship is most likely in our best interest, but will also result in us being alone and having to go 'back to the drawing board'--dating; and if you're like me, dating isn't as whimsical as it appears on a show like Sex and the City (and your shoes aren't half as stellar). However, the beauty of acknowledging red flags early on in relationships is that you live, you learn and you protect your heart.