Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Poem on Purpose

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/ When the Rainbow is Enuf [segment]
~Ntozke Shange

lady in blue

you were always inconsistent
doin somethin and then bein sorry 
beatin my heart to death
talkin bout you sorry

i will not call
i'm not goin be nice
i will raise my voice
& scream & holler
& break things & race the engine
& tell all yr secrets bout yrself to yr face
& i will list in detail everyone of my wonderful lovers
& their ways 
i will play oliver lake
& i won't be sorry for none of it

i loved you on pupose
i was open on purpose
i still crave vulnerability & close talk
& i'm not even sorry bout you bein sorry
you can carry all the guilt and grime ya wanna
just don't give it to me
i can't use another sorry
next time 
you should admit 
you're mean/ low-down/ triflin/ & no count straight out
steada bein sorry alla the time
enjoy bein yrself