Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Showdown: Bill vs. Eric (True Blood)

On the hit HBO series, True Blood the main undead men vying for the affections of sassy, telepathic waitress Sookie are Bill and Eric. Now if you're like me and have read the novel series by Charlaine Harris, then you know how the love triangle is playing out. The series, with creative changes on the part of Alan Ball, takes a different route with the season 4 finale leaving viewers all wondering, "who will win her heart?" I thought we should take a look at what each vampire, according to the television series, is bringing to the table:


  • Gave Sookie his blood to save her life from an intense beating
    • Unfortunately he also glamored her assailants under the queen's orders
  • Courted Sookie
  • Pronounces it "Soo-keh"
  • Killed the queen to protect Sookie
  • Kept watch over Sookie when a serial killer was stalking her
  • Walked into the sun to save Sookie from serial killer, RenĂ©
  • Almost ate Sookie in a fit of starvation
  • Killed another vampire to protect Sookie; a serious crime in vampire law 
  • Old-fashioned
  • Gave Sookie his blood to save her from a gunshot wound
  • Killed the uncle who molested her when she was a child
  • Tricked Sookie into drinking his blood to "save his life"
  • Lusted after Sookie
  • Pronounces it "Sooookie"
  • Buried killer vampire Russell Edgington under concrete
  • Shielded Sookie's body from a bomb
  • Ate her fairy god-mother
  • Fought a werewolf for her
  • Disowned his progeny, Pam for almost killing Sookie
  • Rescued Sookie from the Fellowship of the Sun
Sheesh. Is it just me or does it seem like Sookie always in some type of danger? I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like Bill is leading the race in the suitor who will win the heart of Sookie...

If you think differently or have more details feel free to comment!