Saturday, September 3, 2011


After the emotional diarrhea that was season 3 of Hawthorne, I now come to find out that, on the cusp of a major character murder cliffhanger, the show has been cancelled! Having watched Hawthorne since the beginning, and very much enjoying it, I could unfortunately see a decline in ratings and also the adherence of consistent plot. Season 3 included an assault, the death of an unborn baby, marriage problems, infidelity, a love triangle, murder, stalking, and a tear-jerking therapy session.
At the end of each episode I was pooped. My Kleenex and chocolate just could not keep up. I'm sure there is a season 4 plot already created by writers out there and I plan on finding it and discovering where this storyline was going to lead!(Even if only for the first couple of episodes.)

Wish me luck....