Monday, January 3, 2011

Vent Blog (1/3)

I know what you're thinking:

"2011 just rolled in and you're already posting a 'vent blog'?!"

Well, I am currently plagued with germs and therefore I am channeling my inner Oscar the Grouch. Umph.


What is it with men adjusting their crotch/zippers when they walk out of the bathroom? Can't you finish that before you wash your hands? I've noticed that in public and work environments. If women walked out adjusting their bras, men would probably gawk in satisfaction. Pulling wedgies? Not so much, I bet. Just finish your adjusting and shifting, men and women, before you walk back into civilization. Thanks.

Let's be clear. I don't stop for cars when I'm the pedestrian walking, nor do I expect other pedestrians to stop when I'm driving. Pedestrians have the right of way even if they're strolling along the crosswalk enjoying the scenery.

I know that when you first start out driving it's a scary thing. You, behind the wheel of a 2 ton machine surrounded by other 2 ton machines steered by idiots. Yikes! But I really wonder what they're putting in driver education students' water these days. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't an 87 year old woman behind the wheel. I sat behind a driver's ed student today who took about 20 seconds to turn left in a small shopping area lot with no cars coming from either direction.

I really hate it when coworkers, who either don't work or get behind because they're too busy surfing the web, get their work divvied out to other workers to help catch up. Once or twice? Fine. So often I forget what my original assignment was? Not cool.

It's a rarity that I let my fingernails grow out; but when I do, I keep them pristine. I generally like them short. It makes typing on my laptop keys more fluid. However, it never fails that the day after I clip my nails, I always manage to attain a papercut under my nail. Ouchies!

If you go into a public restroom with the intent to 'launch a rocket', do everyone a favor and choose a stall at the end or away from other occupants. Obviously this is not always possible, but you should strive for seclusion since we're all going to suffocate anyway.

I can't stand pseudo-celebrities on Twitter who 'follower churn' just to build up their count.You're not that funny or interesting.

I loathe Rihanna's current hair color. It's as if Ronald McDonald threw up some 'red' Kool-Aid.