Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Social Networking at the Heartbreak Hotel

Let's face it. Social networking services are taking over on the rise with billions of users active on sites which include Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even old, dusty MySpace (which has recently been swallowed whole by the vortex of Facebook). You, almost all of your friends, pseudo friends, and even -- time to face the harsh reality -- your parents are site users. There's just something about social networking sites that prompts users to 'throw caution to the wind' and post revealing photos, statuses, and information that they otherwise wouldn't want known or disclosed.

When it comes to personal, romantic relationships, social networking sites have played a major role in many a messy breakup. Facebook, especially, has been known to lead to breakups often followed by 'custody' battles over mutual friends. More underhanded schemes by scorned lovers/users have included posting photos to insight jealousy in an ex. Interestingly and sadly enough, many lies, misconceptions, and withheld information from a significant other have been discovered by simply logging on.

Below are a few possible (and somewhat obvious) social networking signs that your significant other may be less like Prince Charming or the Fair Maiden, and more like CLU 2 (a little Tron for you):
  • Your significant other's relationship status never seems to change from 'single'.
  • He/she keeps old photos or photo albums of an ex up, visible to you (whether they are social networking friends or not). 
  • Status updates and/or tweets revolve more around the ex, or others of the opposite sex, but rarely (to never) about you. 
  • Excessive communication with an ex via messages, tweets, wall posts, and/or statuses. 

Facebook's pages are also polluted with third-party ads. What I find ironic is that despite its proclivity to be the battleground for messy breakups, it never falters in providing loads of dating and singles ads along the side of the screen. For some it may seem to say: "Ahh, sorry about your breakup...Ready to mingle?" Classy, Facebook.