Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lego: The Great American Toy...From Denmark

Yes. I am in my mid-20s. And, yes, I do still play with Legos from time to time. I'm sure there are many out there that do. Lego is one of the greatest toys of this generation and a beloved pastime for children. Lego toys are constructive fun for your brain, and fun for the young at heart. With the variety of themes and characters, Lego has remained the top line for construction toys.
My Star Wars fighter jet creation! (Please
disregard the random bunny border. I got
a little excited with the border selection.)

When I was younger I had hundreds of Lego bricks; then there were cars, Lego people and cities, and now, cartoon and film franchises like Batman, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. Seriously. Who desn't appreciate the tiny Indiana Jones Lego man with the penciled in stubble on his chin? It's like creating your own Sims world with your bare hands, and then tearing it down to build up something new again. Now there are even Lego video games including some of the same cartoon and film franchises, and then some! Between the stores, amusement parks, and larger than life-size models, it's no wonder that Lego is a leading force in the toy industry.