Monday, July 1, 2013

True Blood Season 6

PHOTOS: More from True Blood Episode 6.03So here are a few of my random musings as I’ve been watching True Blood season 6:

  • Who else was waiting to hear “Dude looks like a lady” in the elevator as Eric and Sookie were running away from Billith in episode 6.1?
  • There has yet to be any Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill references or quotes.

    • For Ginger, having sex with Eric would probably end up like the scene from Drive Angry where Eric would be doing his taxes or something while utterly blowing Ginger’s mind.

    •  Speaking of Drive Angry, True Blood episode titles are also real song titles. Episode 6.5 is titled “F**k the Pain Away” by Peaches from the Drive Angry soundtrack. That should be a VERY interesting episode!

    • Sam is this close to rescuing Emma while donning only his birthday suit, and she just really doesn’t need any more mental scarring right now.

    • Jessica’s new daddy is just as sanctimoniously creepy as her old daddy.

    • Robert Patrick is not utilized nearly enough.  
    • I think I the creepiest point of the show would be if they actually showed the hungry vampires scratching at people's windows and doors at night.

    • I bet if Pam and Tara roll their eyes at Eric a few more times, they could start a fire.

    • Did Ginger’s coffin have an overhead light or something? How was Willa able to see Eric had the bleeds? If the coffin is not sealed to keep light from coming in, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    • Why, why, why couldn’t they have Jessica whisper, “told ya so” after Bill went up in flames, cockily standing out in the sun, faster than a jheri curl?

    •  Lafayette and Tara haven’t called each other “bitch” in a while. I miss that…

    • I’m thinking Jason has had about as many concussions as Rocky Balboa.

    •  Alcide should probably just take his bone and go home because NO ONE is listening to a word he says. Not even with his shirt off.

    •  After seeing Sam shift into a mythical, white bull at the end of season 2 in order to kill Maryann, I’m just waiting for him to shift into a dragon next and light everybody up. 

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