Sunday, June 30, 2013

True Blood 6.3 "You're No Good" Recap


High Points: 

  • There aren't half as many storylines as there were last season, which helps season 6 flow more succinctly.
  • Lafayette had more (but still not hardly enough) screentime being his usual sassy self and letting Sam know that he had his back.
  • Sarah Newlin and Reverend Newlin had a catty and witty war of words. It was like watching two women fight over Manolo Blahniks. Sarah was much more feisty than the last time we saw her in season 2, even checking Rev with "don't bullsh** a bullsh**er. I'm in politics now" 
  • Bill's omnipotent ego led him to go stand out in the sun. Honestly, I'm over Bill. Therefore, it pleased me greatly to see him go up in flames faster than a cheap weave too close to a candle. 
  • Apparently Bill can't take a stake to the heart as a sign that Sookie wants him out of his life. So he busted up into her house without her permission and then told her she was dead to him for not wanting to give him her blood...again. Creepiest. Ex. Ever. However, Sookie found the strength to say, "I'm good with that" Go girl! 
  • It was nice to see Holly and Andy onscreen together again. I've always liked them together and I enjoy how much Andy has grown as a character and refers to his daughters' powers as "hand lasers"
  • Jason and Sookie moments = golden

Low Points: 

  • Eric's time as Area 5 sheriff has obviously clouded his brain into thinking that his phone is invulnerable to being traced. As he toyed with the psyche of the seemingly grief stricken governor over the phone while holding his daughter hostage, Eric's whereabouts, along with that of Pam and Tara, were discovered. 
  • Someone please explain to me why the werewolves are still necessary?! It's like watching a frat party gone oh so wrong. Alcide's "number one bitch" is mentally abusing Emma (who doesn't want to be there anyway) and this week the pack decided to eat some humans against Alcide's orders. I'm pretty sure Alcide is the worst packleader in the history of werewolf fandom. Even T-1000 aka Robert Patrick aka Jackson Herveaux looks like he's over that useless pack.
  • Niall planned to form an army with the fairies before they were mercilessly slaughtered by Warlow, who apparently found a way to enter into the Fae portal. Considering they were too scared to even use their light blasts for protection, I'd say that army would have been about as effective as suspenders on a sheep. It does sound like Warlow is more than just a vampire and it will be interesting to see why Claudine knew who he was...
  • Poor Jason got thrown around so badly and his poor little head is in bad shape.
  • Niall can't sense the difference between Warlow and Nora. Hmmm.
  • It looks as if Bill and Jessica will be feeding on Andy's teen fairy daughters next week in order to acquire the kind of blood to protect them from the "true death"