Monday, April 30, 2012

Kimster's Guide to the Single Lady's Holiday

I’m the type of gal who loves relationships...long, healthy relationships. Honestly, who doesn’t? However, some relationship partners turn out to be almost like creatures of the night! But don’t grudge and curse your single status. Embrace it! It is a time of reunification, peace, reflection, healing, growth, and, most of all, you time. Think about it. Isn’t the best point to consider a potential relationship when you’re doing your own thing and engaging in your own personal interests? Not only do you seem more interesting to a potential suitor, but you’re already happy with what life is offering. You two can share in some of these activities together while also still giving you the ability to have your own life set apart from someone else. It is no fun having all of your hopes and desires solely resting on someone who could possibly let you down and leave you scrambling for the pieces. I recently found out my ex lied and deliberately blew me off this past Valentine’s Day. I think I was initially most angry because, honestly, if he didn’t want to be together I could have been off doing my own thing with someone better, or at least at a party (with the potential of meeting someone else ;) In hindsight I was too wrapped up with little time to change my plans and go do my own thing, but lesson learned.
So, without further ado, here’s Kimster’s Guide to the Single Lady’s Holiday :  
January 1 –  Resolution Day: New year. New adventures. Oh, the possibilities! So let the balls drop!! ;)
January 16 – Cultural Diversity Day: Spend time with all of your friends or even go to a museum.
February 14 – ‘Happy Unattached Drifters Day!’ Courtesy of Supernatural. ;) Sweets to the sweet. Shower yourself with chocolate, love, and wine. Want to go out dining and immerse yourself in a glass of Chianti? Go right ahead! Treat yourself; because who is better to love than you? No worries about being let down. Go to the spa, get ice cream, or watch a basketball game. Have a blast on your day.
March 11 - Spring Forward Day: I know most of us grudge Daylight Savings Time because of the loss of an hour, but enjoy the extra of sunlight and spring forward to the next chapter of your life!
March 17 - Luck of the Irish Day: You might not be head over heels with the idea of kissing a stranger, but that’s not to say that you can’t put on your sexiest green outfit, turn some heads, and bask in the attention of some admirers.
April 22 - Enjoy the Earth Day: It's spring and most of the pollen has already fallen so get out and bike, jog, or have a yummy picnic. Don’t forget to recycle!
May 28 - Memory Lane Day: Time to remember all of the great things about yourself and enjoy being you!
June 6 - Yo-Yo Day: You deserve to smile, so get back to your childhood and fun with some Yo-Yo madness.

June 14 - Flag Day: Wave your white, red, polka dot, or floral flag of single life!
July 4 – ID4: It’s time to celebrate your independence ladies, grill some burgers, have a beer, and don that retro two piece bathing suit you have been dying to wear at the pool.
August 10 – National S'mores Day: If you have a fear of spiders like me, no worries, you don't have to be camping to kick your feet up and toast some delicious s'mores.
September – Labor Day: Take this time off to pamper yourself. You deserve it! Whether that's going to the spa or curling up to a good book while eating popcorn, when you work hard, you deserve a break.
October 31 – Dress Up Day: Halloween isn't only for children. Have you been dying to pull out that Tina Turner outfit? How about Wolverine? Well, here's your chance, so grab some of your girls and head to the nearest Halloween party. Who knows? You might even meet Prince Charming. (He'll be the one with the sword on his hip ;)
November 25 – Thanksgiving Day: If you're safe, healthy, and happy, it's time to spend time with family and friends and give thanks!
December 25 – Christmas: Another holiday to truly be thankful for all and everyone you have. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on someone who may not appreciate the sentiment or return the affection, think about the ones you love. Has your dad been complaining about his back? Clear the winter ice/snow from the driveway and cars. Doing for others and seeing the happiness light up their faces is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.