Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday Oreo!

Tuesday was Oreo's 100th birthday!! The company was founded on March 6, 1912 in Chelsea, New York City. The cookie sandwich, formerly known as "America's Favorite Cookie" and now known as "Milk's Favorite Cookie", was a highlight of my early 90's childhood. Oh yeah, Oreo and I go all the way back to the days of Tang. The chocolate cookie with vanilla cream in the middle was a delightful treat morning, noon, or night. I enjoyed mine while reading comic books.
Then there was that awkward moment my mom called me downstairs to reprimand me for my sporadic theft of a cookie or two...or three from her stash. Apparently I hadn't thought that she would notice the dwindling amount in her container.

Over the years, Oreo has gone through many variations, flavors, and sizes including holiday varieties and festive colors. A century of a delicious cookie. Yum. I can't wait to
see what the next 100 years hold!