Sunday, June 23, 2013

True Blood 6.2: The Sun Review - Fae Light Balls and A Contortionistic Death

Tonight's 6.2 episode of True Blood entitled, "The Sun" had more high points than I was expecting. Warlow made his way through a portal and, I'm not positive, but by the looks of it I'm pretty sure he may be an original member of ZZ Top...

I absolutely adore the Stackhouse family dynamic. Jason and Sookie moments are golden to me. It's refreshing to see Sookie spending less time with magical men who are always taking her for granted, and more time with her big brother who has consistently demonstrated that he will do anything for her. Sookie said it herself, "I shouldn't be taking walks with handsome strangers. It never ends well." The entrance of their fairy grandfather, Niall, was a wonderfully executed transition. And who isn't hoping that Rutger Hauer brings a Blind Fury type butt whoopin' to Warlow? I can say that it's episodes like this that put me into Werepanther withdrawal. In the books, Jason's storyline of being turned into a werepanther gave him a power and defining presence in the supernatural world. It broke my heart tonight to see him watch Sookie and Niall share in their Fae light balls after Niall reprimanded Jason's lack of preparedness for the coming battle, and informed him that he is in fact NOT a fairy prince; however, I feel that Jason is the most genuine of all the characters on the show, so he still shines without a power or ability.

Honestly, what's the need for the werewolves at this point in the show, besides reminding us that Alcide and his pack love nudity, vampire blood, and threesomes? Emma's grandmother proved that she couldn't keep the little girl safe from being kidnapped by vampires, yet Sam blew one up from the inside and previously killed a Maenad. I think it's safe to say he wins the 'Father of the Year Award'. The attack on Sam and Lafayette by Alcide and his bitch (and I mean that literally...ok and figuratively) to forcefully take Emma back put the nail in the coffin for me on the need to wrap up the werewolf storyline. I would be satisfied with just seeing the cutie patootie that is Emma in her pup form every once in a while.

The sexy Alexander Skarsgard got to showcase his acting range in a scene that depicted more than just the hunky, brooding, Viking sheriff and rather a dorky zoologist in glasses and clothes too small for his large and lovely body. (Does anyone else get as turned on as I do when he raises his voice...?) Viewers also get to see that the humans aren't messing around, and have found significant ways to take vampires down, including deflecting glamouring while, in a comedic twist, Nora, Pam, and Tara are forced to share blood out of a milk carton.Sharing is caring.

The most unnerving part of the episode came in the form of Bill's fatal contortionist act on an unsuspecting vampire blood donor as he drained her of all the blood in her body...through her mouth into his. Is it me or does Bill love savagely contorting women? I'm sure you remember when Bill twisted Lorena's head around during one of their sexcapades. Sure you do; if you're anything like me, it stuck with you for days. I, fortunately, had time to avert my eyes this time but, sheesh, this lady never had a chance. Oh yeah, and he's also clairvoyant now, so there's that.