Saturday, March 17, 2012

'Missing' is Definitely Hitting the Mark

The premiere of Missing on ABC last Thursday was action packed from start to finish. Despite the fact that I've been a huge Ashley Judd fan for years, as former CIA agent Rebecca Winstone, Judd blends intelligence, toughness, fighting skills, and emotionality into a nice package that isn't over the top. The series opens with a mysterious car bomb killing her husband while he and her son, Michael, were in Europe. Ten years later we find a loving and protective bond between Rebecca and Michael truly tested when Michael is accepted into an architectural program in Rome. After not hearing from Michael for days Rebecca learns that he has not been to class in a week and she sets out in search of her missing son. The episode and season will delve into Rebecca's search for her son with plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seats every Thursday. Sean Bean, who plays murdered husband Paul Winstone is cast as a series regular so it will be very interesting to see how his storyline plays out.

Ashley Judd proves that she is one mama bear you do not want to mess with. I say this because during the first fight scene (of which there were four in the pilot episode), Judd appears to be on the losing side of the match-up until she glances down at a smashed photo of her and her kidnapped son and kicks it into maximum overdrive, taking out her enemy with a cord. Did I mention the action? Judd dishes out lots of it. I don't know what her workout regiment is, but I want in. She looks fabulous! I love everything from her outfits to her haircut. Very fitting for the amount of butt kicking she's dishing out and running she's doing.

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