Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Porter's City Tavern Review

I recently went on a double date to Porter's City Tavern and I had a good time. We had a reservation but we arrived about 45 minutes early and were seated. Nice! As soon as we walked in, I was struck by the dim lighting and music playing in the background. There are mirrors and creative art work on the walls with colorful pigs, cows and chicks.

I ordered the Cuban Pork Sandwich, and while delicious, after the first few yummy bites, I was overwhelmed by the Dijon Mustard. The mustard burned my nasal passage to bits and made the consumption of the rest of the sandwich a bit of a challenge. I had a bite of my boyfriend's Smoked Beef Brisket and it was quite tasty. For dessert, our waitress told us about the night's special: A chocolate pyramid of sorts. There was an Oreo crumb crust, chocolate ganache...more chocolate and white chocolate, and a strawberry syrup drizzle around the pyramid. Yum!! We were told that it wasn't very big and that the richness would compensate for the size, but when it arrived, it looked like a pyramid souvenir. If it hadn't been for the richness, I probably could have finished it in three bites alone, maybe four. We all took a corner and that's all she wrote; but for $6.00, I was hoping more for 'Murder She Wrote'.

My biggest gripe comes in the form of uniform; it looked to be black shirts and black pants for all waiters and waitresses. Now I'm completely down with body beauty in all forms, but the amount of cleavage our waitress was displaying was a bit unnecessary. And considering she often needed to bend over to hear our orders, I was over it.

Aside from cleavage overload and the Dijon Mustard from the depths of the sun, I enjoyed Porter's and look forward to another visit.

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