Sunday, June 22, 2014

True Blood 7.1 "Jesus Gonna Be Here" (SPOILERS)

This recap containers *spoilers*. Stop here if you have yet to see True Blood 7.1!

True Blood's final season premiere didn't waste any time picking up right where it left off in the season six finale, with great intensity, and putting the axe to major and minor characters alike. The final minutes of episode 6.10, "Radioactive" fast forwarded the characters and audience six months ahead where Sookie and Alcide are lovers living in Gran's house (something tells me Gran would "tsk" about that), Sam is the new mayor with a pregnant girlfriend, and Hepatitus-V is spreading, turning big bad vamps into zombie-like creatures. On orders of Mayor Sam, every human has a vampire bodyguard. As season seven opens at a vamp-human mixer, Hep-V 'Zompires' attack and kill Tara, deputy Kevin Ellis, and many other Bon Temps citizens. Holly, Arlene, and Sam's pregnant girlfriend Nicole are kidnapped and held under Fangtasia in-line to become 'Zompire' meals. Despite being able to turn into literally any animal (many with heightened sense of smell), Sam decides to turn into his usual Border Collie during Nicole's kidnapping. It took everything inside of me to not flip a table...again.

Let's just take a minute to address Tara's death, shall we? Tara (Rutina Wesley), who has been a shining star on this show (I don't care what anyone else says), was on screen for about two minutes attempting to get her mother to shelter before taking on a jacked up 'Zompire.' The last moments you see of Tara are her stomping a mud-hole in said 'Zompire' with her snazzy kicks. A few minutes later, however, Lettie Mae laments the death of her daughter while sitting in a pool of blood with blood covered clothes.

Everyone in Bon Temps seems to blame Sookie for the 'Zompire' attack. Even during the fallout of the attack, Alcide resents her past choice for loving vampires, as if that love conceived Hepatitus-V. Sookie mopes about a bit, walking home alone in the woods, ignoring Alcide's calls, and I was ready for the next scene.

In another part of the world the radiant Pam plays a game of Russian Roulette with another vampire and boasts about her impending threesome with the devil. That Pam. So colorful. It turns out that Pam is on the hunt for her Maker in South Africa. It should be pointed out that Pam was unable to feel the demise of Tara after having released her to search for Eric. It will be interesting to see how Pam responds to the news; that is to say her storyline even leads her back to Bon Temps.

Speaking of reactions, or lack thereof, to Tara's death, LaFayette reveals to vampire James (formerly played by Luke Grimes) that he feels relief. After having grieved Tara's first death, he now feels nothing. He and James then have a heart to heart about the Vietnam War and the uselessness of personal attachments.

Jason got his sex. A "f*** for f***'s sake".

Chris Bauer's stellar performance stole the show for me tonight. Between his speech on the severity of taking a life, referring to his kidnapped loved one as "my Holly," and letting Bill know that they will never be good, I couldn't take my eyes or ears off of Andy Bellefleur.

Jessica redeemed herself, somewhat, by sticking to her promise to protect the Bellefleur residence from 'Zompires', even in impending sunrise. After being invited in by Adilyn, Jessica resists the urge to eat her.

At the town church service, Lettie Mae rebuffs Sookie's attempt to console her and continues the blame game. Upon her graceful exit, which is marred by the angry, insulting thoughts of citizens, Sookie begs the town to let her help them as I sat and wondered why she didn't point out the hypocrisy of all those people sitting in church thinking horrid thoughts about her. One crisis at a time, I suppose. The season overview of what's to come on True Blood continues the look of intensity and I can only wonder how this show will come to an end.

What did you think of tonight's episode of True Blood? Are you excited about what comes next?