Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Break-Up Call

As I sit here watching Twilight: New Moon I realize that breaking up has the unfortunate tendency of leading to a break down. Well, at least for the awkward duo of Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson. My top five TV and movie break-ups definitely vary in their delivery but all have a downfall.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 2) - Buffy and Angel make love. Buffy loses her virginity and Angel loses his soul which turns him into an evil killing machine killing some of Buffy's closes friends. Buffy then has to sacrifice a newly healed Angel a bit later in order to save the world. Sheesh. Could it get any rougher?

Twilight: New Moon - After pushing Bella across the room to "save" her from being an appetizer for Jasper because of a papercut, Edward breaks up with her and leaves her standing heartbroken and shocked in the woods. Really? Couldn't even give her a supernatural lift back home? (What's worse, Bella didn't even get flowers or candy during the reconciliation phase.) But no worries, Jacob Black is always there to take off his shirt and dry your tears with it.

Sex and the City - Carrie gets dumped by Berger via Post-It. "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me." I think that says it all. And Berger, trust me, we all hated you after that one, dude.

500 Days of Summer - “You’re still my best friend.” Now Summer was a woman who dragged Tom all over the coals in her selfish attempt to have attention in the form of a man around, but without the commitment and exclusivity of having a "boyfriend". What dug the knife into Tom's back even deeper was her quick marriage turn-around to the man she left him for in a matter of months. But hey Tom, you're still her best friend!

The Wedding Singer - Robbie Hart gets dumped by his longtime fiancee Linda when she doesn't show up at the altar. She shows up at his doorstep later breaking up with him face to face. Hart continues on with some unfortunate wedding performances and a song entitled "Somebody Kill Me" which screams super creepy and gloomy.

Let's be honest, after a break-up sometimes it feels like love really does stink. Especially when you're forced to sing at a wedding.